Biggest Line Up Announcement EVER

Summer in the City 2017 looks set to be the biggest and best SitC yet, with the first wave of line up announcements going live with over 80 guests announced!

Some highlights below, but be sure to check out our guest page for the full list!

A few of the new faces, never having been on the SitC line up before, include:

Meg DeAngelis
The Lean Machines








Chanel Ambrose
leyla rose
Leyla Rose
Jordan Lipscombe








And here are a few of the many Creators who are returning to SitC having been a part of the show before!

Jon Cozart
Jack Maynard
Oli White
Emma Blackery








Nathan Zed
The Gabbie Show
Ricky Dillon








We can’t wait to get all these incredible creators together for SitC 2017! See the full list on our guest page, and keep your eyes peeled for many more guest announcements still to come!

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