Announcing International Vlogging Day!

Tom Burns, David Bullas and Summer in the City are proud to announce that the 10th of August 2018 will mark the inaugural International Vlogging Day.

This will be an annual celebration of online creators and their work, and a day to encourage more people to share their stories with the world!

With so much of the news cycle focused on the negative and the divisive, we believe that the act of telling stories, of sharing ideas, and of listening to others, has a major role to play in increasing the empathy and understanding required to stand up to the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Additionally – for parents and those unfamiliar with online culture – the day will help them understand vlogging and show the positive impact it can have, such as making friends, learning new skills and building confidence, while also sharing insight to help combat the negative elements that can come with social media.

As we build up to the big day, we will be sharing some inspirational and educational videos to help you hone your vlogging skills, you can follow the official International Vlogging Day Social Media (Twitter & Instagram) to keep up to date.

On the day itself, we hope you will join in by posting your own video with the #VloggingDay tag, and by watching and sharing many others!

Why ‘Vlogging’ Day?
Putting yourself out there in a vlog can be daunting, but it can also be rewarding. Many vloggers have credited their video making with an increase in self confidence, making new friends, and even launching a career. And while it’s really easy to get started – a smart phone is all you need to make and post a video – as you progress there are many technical skills that you pick up while vlogging – camera work, sound, editing, lighting, etc.

Why 10th August?
We chose 10th August for International Vlogging Day to coincide with the Creator & Industry Day of Summer in the City, the UK’s largest Online Video Festival. This is a day for digital creators and those working in the industry to come together, to learn and network with each other, so is a fantastic focal point. However the whole idea behind of International Vlogging Day is that it is worldwide, so while will be celebrating at Summer in the City in London, we will also be reaching out to people all over the world to share their stories.

How do I get involved?
Simply upload a video of yourself on the 10th August 2018, talking about something important to you, and tag it #VloggingDay. If you’re stuck for topics we will be sharing some ideas in the coming months! We also hope you will get involved by searching the hashtag and listening to what other people have to say, and sharing the videos you love to help more people find them!

Can I upload something other than a vlog?
Of course! We use the term ‘vlog’ as it is the quintessential form of online video, but if you prefer to express yourself through music, dance, poetry, short film or anything else, all are welcome to take part in International Vlogging Day! We just want to see people share what they are passionate about.