Meet & Greet Spaces at Social in the City are allocated via a “Meet & Greet Ballot System
(Meet & Greet Ballot Selection Dates will be available closer to the event)

The Meet & Greet ballot is a lottery style system that we use to allocate space for official meet and greets in a fair manner for all attendees. The system takes preference into account when drawing spaces, while distributing spaces fair amongst attendees (We don’t run first come first serve queues for schedule meet-ups)

Making a selection does not guarantee you a place, but will enter you into a draw for that creator. You can find out more about how it all works below! 


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One of the most important aspects of Social in the City is the opportunity for attendees to meet their favourite creators! Of course there is a limit to the number of people a creator can meet in a day, so we use an online ballot to allocate spaces fairly.

Ticket holders will sign up to our ballot system and select their top 8 choices for each day that they are attending. The ballot will be open for three weeks to give everyone a chance to register their choices. Once closed, the system will allocate tickets for each Creator’s Meet and Greet among the people who chose them.

There is no guarantee that you will meet a certain creator at the event. There is however a high chance that you will be able to experience them live on stage or in a panel at some point over the weekend.

We would also like to remind you that the scheduled meet and greets are not the only place you can meet creators at SitC. Lots of the people on our line up like to pop out onto the show floor at times and have spontaneous meet-ups, and we have an entire section of the Expo Hall called Creator Village, which is full of merch stands where creators will meet their fans throughout the weekend.

Below you can find some frequently asked questions about how the meet and greet ballot works.



Meet & Greet FAQ

How does the SitC Meet & Greet Ballot work?

The system will randomly select attendees from all of the people who chose a particular YouTuber as their top priority. If it fills up at this point, there will be no more tickets to allocate (see example below).

If however there are still spaces available, they will be randomly allocated in the same way amongst every attendee that selected the guest as their second highest priority AND did not already get their own first choice. This continues until the meet-up is full.


There are 300 spaces to meet a certain YouTuber. 200 people have selected them as their first choice, so they all get a place to meet that YouTuber. There are 100 people who didn’t get their first choice, but had that YouTuber as their second choice, so they also receive a meet and greet ticket. All 300 tickets are then allocated.

What are the benefits of this system?
  • Everybody has an equal chance (it’s not a first come first serve system)
  • No queue cutting
  • Can enter the draw anytime over two weeks it is open, so you do not risk missing out if you’re not available at launch
  • You can plan your event schedule in advance knowing who you will be meeting and at what time
  • Draws are based on order of preference
When will the ballot go live?

Please keep an eye on the top of this page, our twitter and instagram for updates about the ballot opening and closing.

How long do I have to make my choices?

You have two weeks from the ballot opening date to make your selections. You can modify your selections as much as you like within this time!

How do I find out which Meet & Greets I've obtained in the ballot?

We will update the ballot website to show the meet & greets you been successfully allocated in the draw. This will be available a few days after the ballot has officially closed.  You will also receive an email with a scannable e-ticket that you can use to collect your ballot tickets at the event. 

How do I know which Creators have meet and greets at SitC?

When you sign up and log-in to the ballot, you will be able to view (and select) creators available to select as ballot options for each day.  We will also update our website schedule around a similar time to include the meet & greets available on each day.

How will I collect my tickets?

We will have a ballot collection area within our ticket hall / area. Once you have collected your event wristband you will be able to queue up and collect your ballot wristbands. You will need to bring your ballot e-ticket along with you, so that our team can scan this and verify your results

Can I apply for a meet & greet with my friends?

You can! You will be able to link your ballot account together with up to two other ballot accounts. This will ensure that you’re all entered into the ballot as a group and won’t be split up!

Tickets from same order:
If all of the tickets were purchased in the same order you will be given the option to link tickets under one account. They will then share all of their selections.

Tickets from different orders / with their own accounts:
You will need to register for a individual ballot account for each ticket that wishes to enter the ballot (the only exception to this is if they are from the same order and grouped to one account inside the ballot).


Each member of a ballot group will need their own ballot account if not linked from the same order.

You can link accounts by carefully following instructions carefully on the ballot groups section at the bottom of the ballot hoempage. This section can be found at the bottom of the Saturday and Sunday pages.

Please note – YOU NEED TO LINK FOR EACH DAY THAT YOU WISH TO FORM A GROUP. The ballot does not automatically assume that you want to be linked for both days.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have checked your accounts are linked before the ballot is drawn. You can view linked accounts on your account page.