Want to know what's happening at our first SitC Winter event?
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Full schedule

Full Event Schedule


10:30 AM

Panel Stage

Gifted Products and Brand Deals

Flossie, Leadley, Brogan Tate, Bird Keeper Toby, Eltoria

Education vs Content Creation: Finding the Balance

Jack Edwards, AllAboutBants, Vee Kativhu, Chloe Hodgson, Adam Hattan, Lydia Violeta

Winter Warmers: Building the Perfect Winter Wardrobe

Eltoria, Demi Donnelly, Kirsty Belle

12:30 PM

Panel Stage

The Evolution of Short Form Content

AllAboutBants, Daz Black, Taha Khan, Kristen Scott

12:30 PM

Winter Stage

Mario Party! Gee Nelly vs Talia Mar vs Freya Nightingale

Gee Nelson, Talia Mar, Freya Nightingale

The Glow Up: Gurus Share their Beauty Journey

Abby Roberts, Jasmine Clough, cakefacerj, Eltoria, Demi Donnelly

Cakeface RJ Live Make-up!


A Chat with Gee Nelly, Talia Mar & Freya Nightingale

Gee Nelson, Freya Nightingale, Talia Mar

Live Creator Games & Challenges!

SITC Introduces: angelsNbandits Live Performance


The Sharp Twins VS Em & Loz

The Sharp Twins, Em & Loz

Leadley Live Performance


Joe Tasker & Lee Hinchcliffe Live

Joe Tasker, Lee Hinchcliffe

Talia Mar Live Performance

Talia Mar


11:30 AM

Panel Stage

Working Offline: Day to Day Lives of Content Creators

Demi Donnelly, Lucy Moon, Hannah Witton, George Mason, Iconicakes, itsbinkybee

Dealing with Cyberbullying and Trolls

Roly, Jammidodger, Plumbella, Ellbat, Shaaba, Callum Markie

12:30 PM

Winter Stage

The Future of Fashion & Beauty

Viral Trends & Challenges Online

Lee Hinchcliffe, George Mason, Brandonio, Ellbat

A Chat With: Anastasia Kingsnorth, idkimhaz & tbhbyron

Anastasia Kingsnorth, idkimhaz, tbhbyron, Eltoria

Live Creator Games & Challenges!

Lewis Maxwell Live Performance

Lewis Maxwell

Jamie Jo LIVE ART!

Jamie Jo

Olivia Nicole Duffin Live Performance

Olivia Nicole Duffin

A chat with Jacob White & Carmie Sellitto

Jacob White, TouchDaLight

Emma Blackery Live Performance

Emma Blackery